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Image Masking Service

Image masking is a technique used in digital image processing to selectively hide or reveal certain parts of an image based on predefined criteria or user-defined parameters.

The service involves creating a mask or a selection around specific areas of an image, which can then be modified or separated from the rest of the image for further processing or editing.

Aesthetics Retouch is providing the best hair masking service having a good number of highly skilled professionals.

Purpose of Image Masking Service

Fulfills the Intention of Showcasing Products

The primary purpose of photo masking services is to isolate certain parts of an image and modify them independently of the rest of the image. This technique is commonly used in graphic design, photo editing, and in others. Here are some other purposes.

Types of Image Masking Services

Whatever the Criteria We’ll Fulfill

Aesthetic Retouch is providing several types of image masking services. Here the experts use different tools for different types of photoshop hair masking services. Some of the most common types of image masking types are given below

Applications of Image-Masking

Find Perfection in Your Product to Boost Your Service

We’re using the best applications and software in the modern industry to professionally touch the product and 100% customer satisfaction. It doesn’t mean we’re charging anything extra. Here check applications used in our service.

What Are the Benefits of Image Masking Service

Eye-catchy Image Edit to Grow Your Business

Our photoshop image masking service will help to manipulate specific parts of an image such as changing the color, adjusting the brightness or contrast, etc. And it’ll help you to showcase the best possible image. Here are some other benefits.

Frequently Asked Question

Image masking is a technique used in image processing and editing to selectively hide or reveal specific parts of an image.

Clipping path involves creating a vector-based outline around an object in an image, while image masking involves selectively hiding or revealing parts of an image based on a specific mask.

Hard masking creates a sharp edge between the masked and unmasked areas. And the soft photo masking creates a gradual transition between the two.

For masking hair services, we use different software including GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDRAW. However, photoshop hair masking is the most popular among all.

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